Safety is our priority

Skeptical who serves your request? well don't be

We ensure 100% safety and that's why we as a Founders of BlurbFlash are working to serve your requests in Orange County, CA. Know more

Is your service guaranteed?

Yes, it is. We as entrepreneurs are constantly working on building a reliable and transparent system to ensure safety promise along with quality service. So we are direclty in the fields working for you as we are growing our system. Know more about what we are doing

How do we ensure safety now?

BlurbFlash, we constantly strive to provide satisfactory utilitarian services with utmost safety for all our customers. With the given e-commerce platform safety and privacy has been a growing concern in the minds of our daily customers, so we took the responsibility of providing safe services by recruiting ONLY the founding members of the company BlurbFlash, Inc. along with Founders until we establish a third party driven safety recruitment policies. We will be taking orders directly from the customers in Orange county, CA.

What is our long term goal?

BlurbFlash is a hyper-local e-commerce platform providing technology as a service where locals provide daily in and out essential services like groceries pickup, package dropoff, medicines pick up, and any commodity as a service to the people in their neighborhood. To ensure we fulfill our safety first motto, in BlurbFlash each service provider in local should possess good conduct, and hence we have been working closely with multiple third-party backgrounds checking agencies that will run checks across the social and driving license and then will onboard in our platform. Our platform is a hyper-local community endorsed, in other words, individual providing service should possess good conduct as much as a user in your local neighborhood taking a service.

We are currently in the process of building this reliable system within BlurbFlash and until then the service providers will only be our founding team.